2024 Conference Speakers

We are blessed to have an amazing pair of speakers joining us on March 16, 2024
for our 2024 Men of Truth Conference: Lead the Next Generation

Pastor Jeremy Mattek

Pastor Jeremy Mattek serves as the pastor of The Mission Church in Conroe, Texas. He and his family moved to Conroe (just north of Houston) in August 2022 to establish this new mission congregation. Previously, Pastor Mattek served a large congregation in Greenville, WI for 4.5 years and an inner-city congregation in Milwaukee for 14 years. In addition to his parish work, Pastor Mattek provides regular devotional content for Time of Grace media ministry and WELS Daily Devotions, while also serving on the boards of directors for Christian Family Solutions and Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Pastor Mattek is married to Karen. They have five children, ages 15-22, and one dog, a Siberian Husky named Luna, who strangely enjoys laying out in the hot Texas sun.

Jeremy Mattek, Session One: Lead the Next Generation … for/with/in Christ

You care about the people you love. You care about their future. You care about their eternity.

You care. And you want to care for them well while you still can.

But that simple-sounding task can be highly complex. Each person for whom you care is uniquely-made by God, and you will always have more to learn about them in order to truly know their needs and meet them with wisdom. As each person goes through life, they continue to grow, learn, and change, becoming a new version of themselves every day. This happens so quickly, and we can easily feel overwhelmed by the amount of time and energy it takes not only to lead, but also to constantly re-learn how to lead.

You also are uniquely-made by God, which means there is no one-size-fits-all way to lead your family, your community, and your church. You will always have more to learn about yourself. And not everything you learn about yourself will make you feel good. The longer you live, the heavier with regret our hearts often become.

Thankfully, you are not the only one who cares about the people you love.

Jesus does too.

This session will help us find peace in his perfect knowledge of each person and his perfect care for our souls, while also providing a number of Scripture-based practical suggestions for keeping ourselves and those we love grounded in Christ.

Pastor Dan Schmidt

Pastor Dan Schmidt is a blood-bought child of God who currently serves as a pastor at Faith Church in Excelsior, MN. He’s married to his amazing wife Andrea; together they have four awesome kids ages 5-12, and they care for their two foster children. Dan has experienced the blessing of having multiple battle buddies throughout his life and career who have relentlessly pointed him back to God’s promises and helped strengthen both his marriage and his ministry.

Dan Schmidt, Session Two: Building our Relationships with Youth
God’s word reveals that we’re in a spiritual war against the Devil, the sinful influences of the world around us and our own corrupted flesh. This is a war we are not meant to fight alone, and that’s why we all need a “Battle Buddy”, a spiritual accountability partner who can watch our back and back us up. Together we’ll learn how to identify, develop and cultivate strong spiritual bonds with fellow Christians so that we can support each other in our spiritual battles.